Sorry This Is Late But…LOKA!

Apologies readers for the long silence.

I have fallen off the diet wagon (again), by having a breakdown about a lack of carbs. My poor wife took the full force rant of me being fed up living in what seemed like Whole Foods, (no offence Whole Foods – your produce rocks)!

I have decided to give up following this diet so religiously and just take what I think works for me. So I’m sticking to the vinegar juice thing, shakes are pretty much out the window though (I need a breakfast I can sink my teeth into not sip through a straw), still no carbs in the evening but we’ve introduced fish into my dinner time. (The only veg diet at dinner was killing me.) Having made these adjustments, I actually found I shed more weight and fat! Yaaaaas – this just goes to show my mother-in law that carbs are a good thing 🙂

Although I decided to continue on the healthy eating path (summer is fast approaching and I need to not resemble a whale), every now and then a spectacular opportunity for culinary exploration arises.

Last night was one of them…LOKA! OMG, is the only way to describe the food in the restaurant. This discreet place is the brain child of Chef Dave Mottershall and he is a cooking genius with a no waste policy. (High five to that damn it!)

Seriously – I urge you… If you are EVER in Toronto, you need to make a stop at this place and try the tasting menu! Canadian food, literally at it’s best! Hands down, one of the most delicious menus we’ve tasted across North America, Europe and Asia. The only place that could be compared to this level of yummy is The Alcron in Prague (2 Michelin stars) – it is/was our favourite meal EVER!

We sat at the Chef’s Table at Loka and here are snapshots of what he rustled up..


Needless to say, we walked home (when I say walked, I mean waddled like a duck because I was so full). Get yourself booked into this place before the lineup goes around the block.

It was truly inspiring and we salute you Chef Dave!

Food – 1

Diet – 0



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