A Piece of Paradise..

When life gets a bit too stressful (between diet and work), there’s only one thing to do…escape to a paradise destination. (It is the only time when running away is an acceptable solution to de-stress.)


Oh lord, please take me back! This was a short get away and a belated birthday present for the wifey (who immensely appreciated the well deserved break from my craziness in the big smoke).

Can I just say..I love Toronto. 3 hours flight away and you’re in a white sandy beach destination. No jet lag (God bless the Eastern Time Zone), a steady 30 degree temp and no bugs (this is massive for me). Well, almost no bugs. I don’t think I saw a mosquito or creepy crawler once. Then on our last day, as I queued hungrily for breakfast my ankle began itching. Yup, you guessed it. A (seemingly invisible) little sh*t bit me. After inevitable scratching of the bite I ended up in a bruised and swollen lower leg. It looked like someone had kicked me, or I had walked into a corner table (completely plausible under normal circumstances). Can you believe my luck?! FFS!

Other than this minor hiccup, the break was nothing but sun, sea and sand. We stayed at an all inclusive resort (my first time). It was everything we thought it would be and more. Cheesy at times with pool bingo and other tourist friendly resort games, but just what we needed. Needless to say, my diet went out the window. (Please don’t ask what I consumed, there is a reason I have not posted any food pics – none of it was healthy! Don’t judge me, holidays don’t count.)

I drank, ate and was merry for the whole time – sheer bliss. I’m obviously not reporting weight stats (as per my previous blogs), you really don’t want to know what I put on when I epically fell off the wagon. However I can confirm, a few days of doing nothing but eating and drinking has a horrifying impact!! Let’s just say I’m back on the diet and am desperately trying to get back on track.

Final verdict: Go to Nassau, Bahamas. It’s the perfect short break with food and drink a plenty. (Also, don’t forget to sample a Bahama Mama there – super sweet, but hey you’re on holiday so don’t count the calories, you can worry about that back at home.)

Happy travels readers!


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