What in the world is happening to me?!

Hi Readers,

The diet is going really well (although the craving for chocolate is REAL)!

may have cheated a teeny tiny bit in the wine department and unfortunately it was the single biggest disappointment yet. I mean I really hyped myself up and was left feeling cheated and let down. Here’s how it began, I woke up to beaming sunshine (yay) like golden slivers peeping through the blinds. I knew from this moment onward, it was going to be a good day. As anticipated, the day went perfectly.

I strolled home from work with the warm breeze blowing through my hair and desperately trying to absorb every bit of vitamin D I could. I thought of ways I could celebrate the beginning of spring/summer – every idea involved a patio and glass of wine. So I gave in and invested in a bottle of good Cabernet Sauvignon (it really didn’t take long to convince myself, boy I’m good at selling stuff). I traipsed to the off-licence, purchased my prize and then brought home the precious and delicately wrapped bundle of joy with such excitement.

Uncorked, oxidized and poured – I was ready to indulge. I took the obligatory sniff, swirl and sip. To my absolute disbelief, I did not enjoy the sip. I repeat, I did NOT enjoy the sip! I know it wasn’t the wine – because I love this particular bottle and have purchased it on many occasions. All I could taste was sugar. I tried a second and third time, because maybe my taste buds were wrong damn it. The sweetness of this wine tasted like I was sipping on maple syrup. This was not my idea of sinful pleasure and was not worth the guilt of breaking my diet. I was so disheartened.

Honestly, what in the world is happening to me…this diet has changed me.

So to my surprise – I put the glass down (almost disgusted at my behaviour). Corked the bottle and put the wine away. Oh the pain! My lovely wife had opted for a beer to be her breaking substance instead of wine, given I suffer from severe food and drink envy (specifically when it comes to what’s on her plate or in her glass) I gave in – again.

What has happened to me?!

Guess what, I preferred the beer to wine. What is happening to me seriously?! I do not want to become a stereotypical lesbian. Although, I do like flannel shirts (I have 4) and I’m starting to see way too many similarities from this list http://www.buzzfeed.com/skarlan/xx-thoughts-you-have-when-you-realize-youre-a-stereotypical#.jhdPqKVQGR

SH*T! Reality just hit!





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