Let’s Talk Curry

Mmmmmm curry! I love curry.

A couple of blogs back I mentioned that I’d make Daal Gosht (a thick Lentil & Meat curry) – the one pot godsend. Well, I made this golden dish of mouthwatering scrumptiousness and it was EPIC!

My dear Daal Gosht did not let down any high expectations of delivering flavour (unlike the upsetting incident with the red wine in my last blog). Just looking at the photo is making me re-live the moment when I took my first spoonful of it, the intoxicating aromas and savoury explosion in my mouth – thus dribbling all over my keyboard. Well done..well done me (I need to learn to multitask better), I’m hopeless at being a woman.

Look at this lentil-y, meaty and coriander-y yumminess!
So usually this delicious dish is made with beef or lamb, but true to my rebellious non-practising muslim ways, I made mine with lean pork. I did not regret this decision one bit. NOT ONE BIT. The meat was so supple and tender having simmered low and slow in the pan with the Daal permeating flavour throughout the dish – this was a great success!

Then my mother-in-law rang, yup you guessed it, pork is not allowed for the first month of the diet! FFFFFF@@@@@******KKKKKK, we are only in Week 2!!!! You know what, I don’t care I’m eating it anyway. It is too good not to eat, I would be rude if I didn’t eat it and I’m British (the British are not rude). I would not be true to myself if I didn’t eat it. So I’m eating it. Is that clear enough?!

To make myself feel 100 times better, I decided to make a couple of additional dishes that I could/should be eating. The first being a ricotta, spinach and cherry tomato frittata.

You know you want a slice 🙂
This dish is super easy to make (for all the crazy busy working ladies and gents out there), 25 mins tops in the oven. Pair this with a salad (don’t go all full fat on the dressing) and you’re set for dinner for a good few nights. Look at me – I’m finally a baking queen. Yay, go me! High fives all around!!

The next dish was, spicy curried salmon balls. Yes, you heard right, they are just little fish cakes. No catch, I promise. They are healthy. I substituted the mash potato with crushed white kidney beans. I’m telling you, these are great little morsels to munch on when you’re peckish for a mid afternoon snack and are craving sugar or bad carbs. They can also pack a bit of heat, so your tongue will tingle and leave you wanting more.

Nom nom noms!
I’m starting to learn that this diet can be healthy and tasty – shock horror!

Don’t get me wrong, Curry is and always will be my #1 (no matter how good at baking I’ll get). There are some really good dishes that you can rustle up to be diet friendly. Ones that are super healthy, super yummy and super easy to make.

Send me a message or leave a comment if you want to try any of the above yourself.

So let’s experiment with a few more dishes shall we? I’ll keep you posted!


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  1. Rice N Dine says:

    Epic indeed! And cheers to more experiments in the kitchen! 🙂


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