Don’t You Just Hate It When..

Don’t you just hate it when people try and p*ss on your parade?

I believe you can look at life in two ways – stoop in your gloom whilst looking at the negatives or be happy and look at the positives in life.

These gloom troopers annoy me, albeit only for a short while until I become distracted by life. It’s a great way to live – you should try it!

You know the old saying, “birds of a feather, flock together”, I’m struggling to find a flock that doesn’t include gloom troopers. Am I looking at flocks the wrong way? Also, who said that we need a flock in the first place? Why can’t we just befriend lots of different birds – swans, ducks, chickens – who made this “flock” rule in the first place? Who knows and who cares right?!.. (Well, maybe I do a little now that I have ranted on about it.)

Anyway, back to the diet – today is food shopping day (probably the same for most people around the world). So in order to maximise efficiency and reduce cost by my mindless grocery shopping, (which I adore btw and more than clothes shopping, did I ever tell you that?) we are creating a weekly food plan.

Look at how clear and easy to use this is..I LOVE IT!
I love the organisation of this exercise but I’m not too sure if it’s borderline regimental thus slightly off putting. What if I just fancy something different on my dedicated meal day of salad and grilled chicken? On the other hand, this exercise enables me to geek out and use Excel to create a pretty week plan with all meals and ingredients neatly boxed away. God I love spreadsheets (recreational ones of-course) – also shhhh don’t tell anyone. Excel makes me so happy. It’s the perfect tool for anyone that has a slight control and organisation problem (I coyly raise my hand).

Need an itinerary – Excel to the rescue

Week plan – Excel to the rescue

Anything requiring an organised plan – Excel to the rescue

So, in my research to find a healthy non-complex carb meal, it hit me…I can make my very own healthy version of Daal Gosht! Thank you mum (my foodie Yoda), for raising me to adore food and teaching me your delicious Bengali cooking ways. Unknown-2Food is life and life is good.

Genius idea, a yummy curry dish that ticked all the boxes. Feeling accomplished I strutted around like “my work is done here”(and all before breakfast). This emotion was short lived when I realised that the dish will probably only last 2 days and there are 7 days in a week.

On ward and upward with my google searching for more low GI, no carb, high protein and god knows what else diet.

Daal Gosht shall be my saviour next week and that’s all I need to know 🙂


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