Sh*t is going right today!

Huzzah readers! Sh*t is actually going swimmingly today.

Today started off with a super healthy breakfast. I felt like a million bucks and maybe slightly too full by the time I got through it all..but it was the breakfast of Queens I tell you. (Not Her Majesty the Queen of course, but you know..a Queen..somewhere..of a healthy country…in a land far far away.) You get the drift right?!

Obligatory magic Cranberry potion, Kale shake, hard-boiled eggs and an apple
So let me set the scene. The last few days at work have been tempestuous at best. Thanks to an egotistical and sexist douche bag, who as a result of  his general cynicism and overall narcissistic behaviour led to me almost busting a blood vessel. Let’s call him Mr. Ogre.

I’m hoping you remember ‘Stressed Eric’.. This was me..
Having to deal with Mr Ogre over the past few months drove me to begin this blogging venture as a sacred release, so I finally have one thing to thank him for (not that I’d ever tell him that). I’m naturally a very happy person, I see the good in every situation and not much can usually bring my mood down. This is much to the annoyance of any normal human who experiences mood swings, good days and bad days (my wife). However Mr Ogre is a douche bag and shall probably remain that for the duration of my career with this company. Let’s move on, I have accepted this fact and so should he.

The emotional rollercoaster of dealing with Mr Ogre made me realise, I like being abnormal, in fact I wouldn’t be normal even if you paid me! (Wait, are you going to pay me…because maybe I’ll consider it…actually…NO, I’m sticking to my guns..ABNORMAL is the only normal for me.)

So back to my point of why today is smashing. I was not stressed at work at all today (huzzah), not even for 5 mins! This is a true breakthrough and has not happened in the past 5 years working for this company. 

My grumpiness from no sugar and no nicotine is definitely subsiding and after a quick cardio session yesterday evening, my body no longer feels like it is falling apart from being an over-excited amateur back at the gym again. Woop woop – high five to me damn it! 🙂 (Don’t leave me hanging now, I can see you aren’t high-fiving me back..high five me, please?) This also means that I’m snapping much less and that means I have a happy wife. The age old formula is never wrong..or is it?

This is so damn true!
I am mastering the art of drinking vinegar in the morning, cutting out my beloved stodgy carbs, sugar and wine (I’m still devastated about this last one and am counting down the days until I can have a glass of that crimson liquid from the gods). Ah, progress, I can feel it and it’s what keeps me going.

Last but not least..

Day 5 of diet: Lost 5.73 lbs!!

Also, date night tonight – did I tell you that I love Fridays?

Sh*t is definitely going right today!


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  1. J says:

    Love it!!! Definitely the right sort of energy read I need to get myself back into shape 😃

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rice N Dine says:

    Amazing diet! Good job! 🙂


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