So the detox begins..

Easter began with a trip to Hungary, to go back and visit my wife’s family. If you have ever travelled to Magyarország you’d know that their hospitality is like a big warm hug and the food is simply stupendous. The mouthwateringly supple smoked meats and delicious fresh produce is a culinary journey that my palette is always happy to revisit.

Easter, is an important time in my in-laws house, not for religious practice but more so for the traditional and divine dishes that are eaten (made in most Hungarian households) for breakfast. Also, it is my wife’s all time favourite meal.


Whenever travelling home to see family, calories are always the last thing anyone counts. We are not religious but we believe in that! So we decided to go hell for leather and why not.


Well, I soon realised why not..I am not in my 20’s anymore. I just need to look at a piece of cake and BAM my little pot belly grows just a tad larger. My metabolism and digestion is just not what it was. I have come to understand that I cannot eat what I want, when I want and not live to regret it.

Look how happy I am when there is cake 😦

I am no longer a spring chicken, I know that…but a big cheesy pizza after copious amounts of wine is okay once in a while – I’m still trying to convince myself , so please humour me!

My dear mother in-law has conveniently started a new business venture that is based on detoxing the body and teaching others how to eat right. Perfect timing right? Whilst in Hungary I had the pleasure of a full health and diet “consultation”, (TIP: wives, it’s not funny when you tell your mother about your partners’ recreational drug use in her 20’s – 20’s don’t count, please don’t judge me and your mother doesn’t need to know). The good thing is that I now have my custom food plan. It’s full of healthy shakes, tons of fresh vegetables  and all kinds of yummy goodness. (No wine and no pizza btw.)

We have successfully started the diet and coupled it with hitting the gym and quitting smoking. The outcome; I am one sore, grumpy and snappy b*tch! However, the upside is that I’m waking up and springing out of bed (with no need for coffee or a cigarette). Still not sure if the additional energy is appreciated or not – ha! The following still makes it all worth it..

Day 4 of diet : 4.85 lbs lost

Wish me luck and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on this journey, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading 🙂




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